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i will soon have an answer for you ...


I saw that the are investing in some new Fantasy Sport company, they are intending to launch a Fantasy game called, playspex as for
"playSPEX- The Sports Exchange", maybe this is the answer you are looking for, i only can imagine what those guys are intending to do.

Mike T

I have brainstormed several different ideas for fantasy sports companies. I lack the web 2.0 knowledge to get them off the ground, but would gladly discuss some of the ideas


Fantazzle is doing this right now. Launched in 2008, Fantazzle has already surpassed Yahoo and ESPN in Football Rankings.

Also, there are no ads or pop-ups on the site.

NY Times Article on the upset over ESPN and Yahoo!:


Mike T please can you send me those ideas you have for fantasy sites via email? its thanks very much! much appretiated

guanacaste costa rica

Fantasy sports are all about the passion of the players, so any short term monetization scheme that doesn't chime with the gameplay would fail fairly quickly.

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